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History of one of the most popular logic games ever.

The game was invented in the early 1980s by Thinking Rabbit, a computer games company in the town of Takarazuka, Japan.
The game was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi.

Sokoban (in Japanese terms) means a "warehouse man"
Because of the simplicity and elegance of the rules, and the intellectually challenging complexity of the composed problems, Sokoban quickly became a popular pastime.

The rules of sokoban are very simple:
   - Push one stone at a time and target the squares
   - Push and Move actions should be minimized.

Many versions and recreations of the game appeared over the years, among which are Spectrum, PC, Macintosh, CE and Palm versions.

Now you can easily find a lot of clones that using ideas of the original sokoban game over the web. Docker Sokoban, Sokoban 3D, Hexoban, Sokoman, Sokomind, Sokofun, Visual Sokoban, Box Man etc. It's quite not a full list of available sokoban remakes.

Google search request for the "sokoban" provides close to 31,600 web page matches. And it's a great sign that tells us about the growing popularity of this classic game.

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