Game Mechanics Kit for Torque 3D engines

Game Mechanics Kit Logo Game Mechanics Kit (or GMK) is an add-on for GarageGames' Torque 3D engines (T3D, TGE, TGEA). GMK provides functionality and tools for programmers and game designers to script and edit the mechanics of game process in very easy and visual way. GMK implements principle of building blocks: create your game with ready made components. All GMK features are fully compatible with multiplayer game modes.

GMK includes major enhancements, which makes it even more powerful and comprehensive solution.
PHYSICS PACK - an GMK add-on for full scale physics with rigid bodies and ragdoll.
CUT SCENE EDITOR - full featured editor that makes creation of in game Cut Scenes easy and straightforward.

Distribution package includes GMK versions for TGE 152, TGEA 17x, TGEA 18x and Torque 3D (all C++ and TorqueScript files) and full sources of Orcs Rule game including 3D models in Blender and 3dsmax formats.

You can download Game Mechanics Kit Demo application from downloads page.

GMK consists of two main parts: game object templates and in-game editor.

Object Templates

Object Types

Core of GMK is the set of C++ and TorqueScript template classes (or simply templates) that enhance functionality of original Torque engine. Template objects inherit general design patterns that present in one form or another almost in every 3D game. These templates include but not limited by the following categories of objects:
  • Simple AI bot, with easy configurable and controlled behavior.
  • Interactive environment: destructible and explosive items, doors, switches, lockers etc.
  • Various trigger objects.
  • Visual effect objects.
  • Inventory items.
  • Auxiliary objects: counters, invisible walls etc.
By doing a little scripting you can also modify existing or add new template classes to use them in your game.

In-Game Editor

Editor Screenshot
In-game editor of game mechanics components provides functionality to create game objects and change their parameters in very user friendly way. Editor adds some useful functions to original World Editor, but it's major advantage is implementation of "event-reaction" system for game objects. That is user can configure objects' parameters and interaction with other objects right within the editor.

How to use editor?


Majority of GMK editor functions can be reached through toolbar window located at the bottom of the window.
  • 1) Opens Object Templates List.
  • 2) Add buttoncreates new objects with chosen template.
  • 3) Opens Object Properties window for selected object.
  • 4) Opens Game Object List - a list of all available game object in simulation.
  • 5) "Drops" selected object to the ground.
  • 6) "Rotation Mode" - you can rotate object by mouse, and you don't have to hold ALT key at the same time.
  • 7) "Scale Mode" - you can scale object by mouse, and you don't have to hold CTRL+ALT keys at the same time.
  • 8) Shows or hides GMK icons for game objects.
  • 9) Shows or hides eventsí links of game objects.

Imagine that we want to create a simple combination of game objects: AI bot attacks player whenever player walk into the trigger. First we need to create trigger and AiBot objects. Using Object Templates List window we must select corresponding templates and create new SpaceOrcBot and EventTrigger objects. Newly created objects can be seen in Game Object List.

Object Templates List     Game Objects List

Then in Object Properties window we need to modify behavior of the trigger. EventTrigger object has an "onEnter" event, that evokes every time player character collide with trigger's physical shell. The designer need to provide a reaction for this event. Basically reaction is arbitrary piece of TorqueScript code. So designer can write following: "SpaceOrcBot01.alert(%arg0);", SpaceOrcBot01 is a name of AiBot object, and %arg0 is an object that represent entity, that collides with the trigger object.

Editor Screenshot

That's all! Now you need to save you mission exit editor and start to play. Bot will attack you, immediately after you enter the trigger.

Physics Pack Logo

Features of Physics Pack
  • Fully abstract physics API with two concrete implementations of ODE and Bullet available for your choice. Adding support for different physics library (PhysX, Newton, Havok) won't be very hard task.
  • Support of rigid bodies and ragdolls, we're also thinking of adding destructible items in the future versions.
  • 100% network multiplayer compatible. Smart interpolation/prediction system makes moving of the physics object on the client side very smooth and plausible, even with slow connection with ping of about 100-200ms.
  • No CPU overhead while running in single player mode. There is only one shared instance of client and server physics world.
  • No changes for original TGEA physics. GMK Physics Pack interacts transparently with any of Torque's physic/collision objects like players, explosions or projectiles.
  • Full GMK integration. You can place physics object right within GMK Editor.
  • Support of collision sounds for rigid bodies.

CutScene Logo

Features of GMK Cut Scene Editor:
  • Create, edit and test camera fly-paths right within GMK Editor. You won't need to restart mission, reload editor or something. Just press "Fly path" button. You can add unlimited number of paths to a single Cut Scene object.
  • Variable speed of camera movement. You can assign overall speed of movement in Cut Scene object, and change it in arbitrary fashion on each of path's waypoints.
  • Interaction with other game objects. You can order another objects (NPC, Doors etc) play different animations whenever camera reaches certain waypoint.
  • Camera "look at" mode allows you to assign random fly path, but camera will always look at certain position or object. For example you can setup camera to alway look at certain NPC's face.
  • Sound or music can be added easily to support cut scene.